We are hacking your life


  • Tecnology

    We built applications, solutions and systems to solve DAILY PROBLEMS on the easiest way.

  • Creativity

    If there´s no CHALLENGES our live will be boring.

  • Innovation

    Taking the INNOVATION to other level

  • Hack and Dev

    If you want to HACK something, come with us and We can HACK IT together.

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Person who DEVELOPS TECHNOLOGY to solve problems with CREATIVITY to generate INNOVATION. The origin of this word borns of the combination of HACKER and DEVELOPER. Our symbol represents the Tetraktys - A triangular figure thats represent the number 10, the whole universe.


External Hacks

Most Startups and Entrepreneurs in the country want to solve problems with applications, software and technology, unfortunately they don´t have the resources to do it (Budget or human resources specialized in development). We help you to create your softare or apps faster and at a lower price. If you want to hack something, come with us and We can hack it together.

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